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Ok, I'm done!

8 weeks! 2 months. 1464 hours of this! I'm done!

That's how long we have been in this lockdown story and frankly I am tired of hearing about it, talking about it and living in it! We are all waiting for this magical new normal to set in, for us to be released into the wild or better yet pardoned for the crimes we never committed.

The new normal is here, you’re living in it, people are in their homes all around the world and getting more and more used to it everyday. The longer we stay like this the more we will get used to it and the more we will want it, well that’s my prediction anyway. We begin to love what we surround ourselves with and home is where we’ve beeeeeen for a while now.

Here is a fun fact about how an event can change how the world behaves and even views something.

The Great War is our setting, a World at War it was! Men being men in those days grew beards and moustaches well before the war, and my, how the facial hair was glorious! But then came the age of chemical warfare and everyone had to don masks! Yes, the world has worn masks before, and there you were thinking no one on earth has gone through this insufferable journey before, anyway I digress. Men quickly found out that the face fashion got in the way of the masks and let the chemicals in and so had to shave their faces! Bummer! After the war many men didn’t grow their face fashion forward styles again and here we are today with only true hipsters and whack jobs with their hair styles growing off their faces! A war changed men and grew an industry, razor blades and shaving machines!

It took some sharp people to realise that times had changed. Are you one of those people? Do you have your head in the sand or your far lookers glued to your eyes (binoculars for those of you who who didn’t get it) Are we asking “why”, “why did this happen” or are we asking “what am I here for”?

Culture has changed, you’ve changed and I've changed, whether you like it or not but what have we become? Ok that was a deep little passage there! But really, are you looking forward to the coming months? I am, I'm looking forward to growing my companies into the future of home delivery and making coffee accessible to people right in their homes in the most uncomplicated way, that’s no sales pitch! Im really looking forward to the ride of getting South Africa, and hopefully some of the world, drinking good coffee. The here and now sucks but the future will be different and it will be good. God is bigger than a little pandemic. He knows, He knows where you are and what you’re going through, He is also kind enough to allow us to go through it. Might be tough to read that last sentence but I do believe He allows us to go through difficult seasons in our lives for our long term benefit.

Hindsight is always 2020… (wink, wink)

New Years day jokes you can use all year round are great.

One of my few, ok many downfalls, is that I live in the future where it's all wonderful and every one is happy and rich. It's not a helpful attribute to day dream, its an escape from reality. Not my proudest moments. Although, through lockdown I've tried my best to put a spin on my run away thoughts. If that future is ideal, what are the steps I need to take today to get there knowing full well we will take a few detours along the way. You may do this type of thing for breakfast but it's not natural to me. No way! So far I've got no divine word or met a guru to get me through but I've been doing some things I've not normally done and I'm getting things done! One day at a time and one task after another we seem to be edging toward a dream that once seemed just that, a dream.

If I look at the future this is what I see: more people wanting to be at home, more family time, more online shopping and yes that means more coffee online! Home delivery and less movement of people for the foreseeable future. We won’t see the smile on peoples faces which means we will have to look at people's eyes. Did you catch that? We will have to actually notice people. I like that part. Business as we know it has changed and if we are not looking forward and plotting our steps we might be like a moustache on a man in a van, ie:outdated!

Vintage Coffee Centurion

Community in your industry is where we can grow together.

8 weeks in, i'm tired of being told no, no you can’t live into the future you’re creating, stay put and stop thinking like that. I'm also done with the old normal, I didn’t think it was a nice place to live anyway, I didn’t like me and I didn’t like where I was headed, I prefer the path I'm on now even if it sucks and is hard and money and nice things are hard to come by. But I can't take those things with me when a pass on but what I can take with me is who I am becoming. Who I am. I've enjoyed this 8 week journey but I think I'm over it now, I want to sit down with the people I love and miss, look into their eyes and see who they are becoming and part of their journey too!

I'm done!

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