Bishops Coffee is a Roastery in Midrand focused on community, family, memories and great coffee. Our Roastery in Midrand was started to share a legacy, we aspire to see men and women's lives being uplifted and their futures changed, simply, by COFFEE!

We are involved in a relentless pursuit of finding quality coffee anywhere and everywhere - trying to support the smaller, unknown coffee farmers as well as the more conventional farms. And then, once we have sourced the good stuff - we roast it to perfection!

We want people- years from now- to remember that time they took their first sip from the best quality coffee that was crafted for perfection. 

Coffee has been such a glue factor in friendships (We don’t even need to mention the TV show that proves this), in work spaces and in households, so we know the power and impact of that single cup of coffee. This is why it has become our legacy to leave an impact and be better than any other coffee shop in Midrand.


Bishops Coffee is about training people in the art of coffee sourcing, perfecting the roasting process, and delivering a fine coffee to the general public.

New methods, fresh ideas, centered in innovation- we want to do it better than any other coffee shop in Midrand.


We like to see opportunities in every situation. We offer training and offer opportunities to people where we notice the untapped potential. Providing all necessary resources to these individuals to make something of themselves through Bishops Coffee. 

We have internships - catering for every skill level there is, mentoring and 'upskilling' happening.

Our Roastery in Midrand is here to make a difference. People's lives have been transformed...through coffee.