Family Adventure

Coffee roasting was where the chase started for us, seeking out that perfect cup. In this journey, we found Dip'n Brew! And so the journey continues.​

We are a specialty coffee roastery that involves having an adventure in itself and we love the chase of finding the right profilings for each coffee we roast. Roasting for Dip n brew has pushed us in the search of the perfect cup. Dip’n Brew, whilst being a specialty coffee roastery, wants to strive to be the best coffee roasters in South Africa and this will be seen through the ambitious efforts we put into the operations of our coffee making. We may have started this business as a family but we want to expand this open family to everyone we engage with. It's the family adventure we are embarking on.

How it started

Bishops Roastery

Bishops Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery in Midrand, focused on community, family, memories, and great coffee. We started Bishops coffee roastery to share a legacy, we aspire to see men and women's lives being uplifted and their futures changed, simply, by COFFEE!

We are involved in a relentless pursuit of finding quality coffee anywhere and everywhere - trying to support the smaller, unknown coffee farmers as well as the more conventional farms. And then, once we have sourced the good stuff - we roast it to perfection! We want to be the best coffee roaster in South Africa.

​Coffee roasting is where the magic happens, this where we get to develop flavours and profiles that you've come to know and love